About us

Years ago in the redwood forests of Santa Cruz, California, an intrepid cook wanted his young children to enjoy foods from all over the world.  But his kids didn’t eat meat and it was hard to find a protein that could be used to make curries and stir fries as well as barbecue and burgers.  So he set out to make one himself.  Fifteen years and thousands of dinners later, Lika was born.  Lika remained a favorite of family and friends for over a decade, when a friend suggested the rest of the world might like a taste.

As it turns out, Lika does more than make delicious burgers, meatballs and curries— it also helps people and the planet.  With no fat, no cholesterol and using 1,800 fewer gallons of water per pound than beef with zero land destruction in the process, Lika is as good for your health and the planet as it is for your tastebuds!

We didn’t set out to change the world, we just wanted better food for kids.  When we learned what a difference Lika could make for our children and the world they’ll inherit, our simple motto was born: Better food for a better world.

We hope that you’ll give us a try to see how delicious change can be.
From our family to yours, welcome to the Amazing Protein Company!