The Amazing Protein Company has its roots in our family’s kitchen in the redwood forests of Santa Cruz, California.  Raising five vegetarian children in the 90s, it was important to make food that nurtured them and also, in the words of a then-five year-old, wasn’t “embarrassing” to serve their friends.

The early prototype of our signature product, Lika® (ly-ka), was born as a way to offer the kids and their friends delicious vegetarian food that resembled the foods they already knew.  Soon enough, we’d mastered homemade vegetarian barbecue, burgers and stir-frys for our kids and their friends.

Eventually, other parents began asking what it was their kids were raving about, and after a while, we got the idea of turning this into a commercial venture.

In our initial pilot program, Lika® has been enjoyed at universities and farmers markets throughout the Bay Area.  And soon, we’ll be bringing it directly to you through our online store.

While making delicious, healthy food has always been our focus, it turns out Lika® has some major additional benefits, like a drastically lower ecological footprint than animal-based proteins.

We recently crunched the numbers and found out that raising our family vegetarian saved about 16 million gallons of water.  Not bad for still enjoying barbecue, huh?

Do good, do well: that’s what The Amazing Protein Company lives by.

We’ve got more in store for you (and eventually, we hope to have more in the store for you, too!), including a top-secret new product that just might revolutionize the way America eats meat.

From all of us here at The Amazing Protein Company, welcome.

Here’s to your health!

– Swami Nathan, Founder & CEO

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