Only Five Natural Plant Based Ingredients

Lika® has only 5 natural NON-GMO ingredients: 

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Mushroom
  • Yeast
  • Water

Heat and Enjoy Freshly Made Vegan Meals

All of our meals tastes freshly made even after heating! Just heat up any meal and add your favorite sides to enjoy Lika®.

What's in Lika's® Vegan Asian Sampler?

Over 35g Protein

We packed the Lika® Chicken to have over 35g of protein so that even a body builder can refuel with Lika®!


All egg-free, meat-free, dairy-free.

GMO Free

We source all of our ingredients and ensure all are non-GMO.

$11 per Meal

Our meals will keep you fueled and full throughout the day.


Testimonials and Reviews

"I stumbled upon the most amazing tasting plant based protein that tastes JUST LIKE meat! Thank you to the nice guy at Whole Foods in Venice for taking the time to tell me about it!"
“I became familiar with Lika® when one of my patients used it as his main protein source on my weight loss program and lost almost 80 pounds using Lika®, but he did not even loose one ounce of lean tissue. I recommend Lika® enthusiastically to many of my patients and the caterers who prepare meals for my program. It really is amazing.”
"This Lika® product is awesome for my school, we are a Vegetarian Establishment and finding New Items to serve to high school kids is a difficult challenge. When we first used Lika® we decided to make Beef Broccoli, the kids devoured every morsel. The texture is firm like beef, you can marinate it in any type of sauce and it will absorb the flavor and it's amazing what you can do with it. "
Elizabeth Lara
Monterey Bay Academy Food Service Director
"When Swami first sampled my culinary team a slice of Lika®, we promised ourselves not to say it, but we did…”That’s Amazing!” It not only tastes great on its own, but it has the ability to absorb and compliment other flavors as well. I quickly re-wrote some recipes that previously contained tempeh or tofu, instructed our vendor to bring it in and the results from the students has been nothing less than “amazing”. It is especially adaptable to Asian, Indian and Eastern Mediterranean cuisines. I highly recommend trying it in any location."
Dwight Collins, CEC retired
Executive Chef UC Santa Cruz Dining Services
“The Lika® meals we ordered were so healthy and delicious and they tasted as fresh as if they were made in my own kitchen by a professional chef. I recommend them to everyone looking for awesome meals that make their diet healthier. ”
Toni Gillespie, RN