SAN DIEGO (February 28, 2018) –  The Amazing Protein Company ( continues its Whole Foods Market Southern California roll-out by bringing its acclaimed Lika® vegan cuisine to the Whole Foods market Hillcrest location in San Diego this weekend from Friday March 2-Sunday March 4.  The company will be handing out samples of two of its Lika® popular entrees – BBQ beef and Chinese-style Beef & Broccoli.


The Whole Foods Market Hillcrest store is located at 711 University in San Diego.


Lika® represents the next generation of meat alternatives for the burgeoning vegan market.  The Lika® differences can be found in the way its dishes can be custom-seasoned – in contrast to all other vegan prepared food products that must be pre-seasoned due to their inability to absorb flavoring during the cooking process.  As a result, the revolutionary Lika™ food preparation technology represents a game-changer within the hotly-competitive vegan prepared food arena, empowering customers to enjoy a wide array of delicious vegan alternatives their way.


In developing its flagship Lika® line of products, the Amazing Protein Company, Inc. has achieved a milestone scientific breakthrough in the food technology of plant protein.  While other plant proteins-based product requires pre-seasoning during manufacturing in order to introduce flavor – which limits versatility and leaves their products with the same after taste – Lika®’s proprietary food technology allows preparers to cook it as they would meat.


Lika® possesses the identical versatility people have come to expect from meat, including the ability to texture it from jerky to stew utilizing the same diverse cooking methods chefs use for animal protein.  As a result, Lika® foods can be prepared as barbecued, fried, roasted, based, smoked or sautéed as LIka® products absorb flavor even better than animal protein, including sauces marinades and spices – all without any after taste.


From the California company’s meatballs, BBQ slices, breakfast patties and strips to its meatloaf, Buffalo wing nuggets and Southern Fried Chicken Nuggets, Lika® Heat & Serve foods offer enhanced protein adhesion that allows for any shapes or formats – just like their meat counterparts.  At the same time, the texture of Lika® prepared cuisine is meaty yet tender, delicious with no harsh after-taste and completely satisfying without harming one’s health – or the health of the planet.  For the weight-conscious, Lika® foods offer drastically reduced calories, saturated fats and cholesterol over their meat counterparts.   And for the planet, each pound of Lika® product saves 1,800 gallons of water.


Amazing Protein Company CEO Swami Nathan combines a passion for cooking as a professional chef with an equal passion for building businesses within emerging categories.  His distinguished career includes chef stints with vegetarian restaurants in New York City as well as senior executive positions with high-profile home entertainment companies.  In launching The Amazing Protein Company, Swami set out to create his own line of quality vegan food expressly for his own family and friends.  Swami experimented with several meat-alternatives but could never find one that was versatile enough to absorb different flavors in various meals that were staples in his home – curries, stews, stir fries, BBQ and burgers.   As a result, he set out to create a quality vegan product that would be as versatile as meat.  After years of painstaking R&D – and an incredibly high bar Swami set for himself and his product – the recipe was perfected and Lika® was finally born.


“Lika® takes plant-based meat alternatives to an entirely new level,” said Swami Nathan, CEO of The Amazing Protein Company.  The incredible taste, the natural texture and the unique ability to flavor every food item according to each chef’s vision and taste is what made Whole Foods Market instantly take notice – and take in the Lika® line of prepared vegan foods.  We are excited to team with Whole Foods Market in introducing an extraordinary line of Heat & Serve foods within the ever-growing category of meat alternatives, and look forward to everyone sampling Lika® cuisine.”



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