Lika Plus®

A carefully formulated plant protein ingredient is changing the way America enjoys meat. Like Plus® is the perfect addition to ground beef, chicken and turkey, it perfectly preserves taste and texture, while drastically lowering calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol, often by more than 25%.

LIKA® Plus redefines the processed meat market. A Michigan State University study (2014) using 85/15 ground beef blended with 25% LIKA® Plus proved:

    • Over 30% reduction in fat
    • Comparable reductions in sat fat, cholesterol
    • Lower sodium, calories, and carbohydrates
    • Taste and texture were preferable
    • More than tripled in shelf life
    • Visually indistinguishable from 100% beef

Issues of supply availability and price stability distress the meat industry. LIKA® Plus resolves both issues. It blends well with any animal meat in any proportion, improving taste, texture and nutritional value. Critical to this opportunity, the USDA has approved LIKA® Plus as a replacement for Lean Fine Textured Beef. The annual domestic market exceeds 30 billion lbs.

You've never had meat like this.

LIKA® - Plus

Increases Shelf Life

Increases Supply

Stabilizes Price Volatility for Meat Processors

Reduces Costs to Consumers

Saves over 1800 gallons of water per pound (7.5 B lb potential)

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