Our mission is to better feed the world.  Our pioneering plant proteins are made from all-natural ingredients that offer the same eating experiences you’ve come to know and love; keeping everything you enjoy about how you eat– taste, texture, and nutrition– while substantially lowering what you don’t; calories, cholesterol and saturated fat.

Our Credo

Do good, do well. The Amazing Protein Company believes in responsible business.  We believe that doing well isn’t enough until we’re also doing good.  Check out our sustainability statistics to see how we’re doing it.

What We Believe

Eating better shouldn’t taste worse.  The Amazing Protein Company has worked tirelessly to create delicious products that let you enjoy the foods you already love while perfectly preserving or improving flavor, texture and nutrition.

We don’t believe in labels– omnivores, vegetarians and vegans– we believe in people. The Amazing Protein Company has delicious, healthy solutions for you and your loved ones whether you love meat, are cutting back on meat or choose not to eat it.

The food of the future doesn’t need to look like it. Take a look at our gallery to see what our products can do.

Here’s to your health!